Use Cammy to monitor home,
business, family or pets

Cammy is a simple security solution that lets you watch over your home, family, pets and possessions right from your smartphone.

Remote live view with 2-way audio

Tell the dog to get off the couch, remind the kids to do their homework, or let an intruder know you’re watching.

*2-way audio available with Alien and Penguin indoor cameras.

See a timeline of events

View all events in a timeline starting with the most recent footage captured. Stored in the cloud for 30 days for easy access.

Motion detected alerts

Go about your day without worrying if your home is safe or not. Get alerted if your cameras detect movement from a heat emitting source such as a person.

Auto arm/disarm

Rest easy knowing that your alarm is always on when you're not home. No codes or keypads needed - the alarm automatically arms/disarms when you leave and re-enter home. You can also schedule set times for your alarm.

Alarm arm/disarm icons

Tap to call Police

You’re in complete, immediate control of what action to take. Whether that's disarming your alarm remotely for a visitor you recognise, or calling the police from the app if there is an intruder.

Unlimited users

Share your cameras and/or alarm with other family members, roommates or staff if you’re a business.

Share your footage

Captured something funny the dog did? Share it on Facebook with your friends. Captured someone breaking into your home? Share it with the police.