Getting Started

Before you add a camera:

  • Please ensure your mobile phone is connected to the same internet you intend to connect your cameras to
  • Please ensure you are connecting to a 2.4GHz WiFi as opposed to a 5GHz WiFi if you have a dual-band router
  • Please make sure you are being case sensitive when entering your WiFi password or when re-adding a camera
  • If you have a Penguin or Nighthawk camera make sure the antenna is attached before you follow the below steps

Steps to connect your camera:

  1. Plug camera into power
  2. Connect the ethernet cord from the camera to the router
  3. Open the Cammy app and click "Add a camera"
  4. Select your camera from the list
  5. Scan the QR code on the back of the camera
    If the QR code does not scan, make sure the camera is focused on the QR code and is not blurry. If that does not work, select 'Or select the camera from a list'. You will need to connect your ethernet cable to the camera. Match the MAC ID listed on your camera to one in the list. If you're re-setting up an existing camera you will be prompted by 'Existing Camera' message here, please press 'Yes' and continue
  6. Enter your WiFi password (Important: please make sure your password is correct and case sensitive)
  7. Wait - it could take up to 2mins to connect
  8. Enter a name for your camera eg. Living Room
  9. Once your camera has successfully connected, click done.

If you need to add another camera, simply repeat the above steps.