Getting Started

What you'll need to setup the Cammy Hub:

  • The Cammy Hub
  • Ethernet cord
  • Power cord
  • Cameras that are setup with the Cammy app and connected to power and your WiFi
  • Please note, the remote control is not needed to use the Hub

To setup the Cammy Hub:

  1. Connect your Hub to the router using the ethernet cable, and then plug the Hub into a power source
  2. Hub Set-Up
  3. Leave your Hub to initalize for 15 minutes until the lights on the front of the Hub are flashing blue
  4. Once the lights are the blue, please tap the 'More' tab on the Cammy phone app
  5. Tap 'Cammy Hub'
  6. Tap 'Add Hub' and then 'Continue when ready'
  7. You should now see your Hub serial number appear on your screen. Select your Hub
  8. Your Hub will now take a few minutes to connect to your system
  9. Once the Hub is successfully connected to your app, you will be asked to name your Hub
  10. You can now add cameras to the Hub, by toggling them cameras green (each Hub can support up to 4 cameras)
  11. The lights on your Hub should now be green
How to view Hub footage