Getting Started

Once your cameras are connected to WiFi, you can place them anywhere as long as they are plugged into power. *Please ensure you place the camera in an area that has a strong WiFi signal to maximize connectivity.

To get the most out of your camera, try pointing it towards an entry point or indoor traffic area. We also recommend you position your camera so that both the floor and ceiling are captured in the picture.

Avoid pointing your camera into direct light or directly out a window. For Nighthawk cameras try and position your camera on the areas that matter the most, avoiding the roads and pedestrian pathways.

If you want to mount the cameras on the side of a wall, you'll need a pencil, screwdriver and drill. If you are mounting an Alien camera watch the video below.

If your camera loses power, or you need to move your camera to do a different power source, you will not need to set it up with WiFi again. Once your camera is powered back up, it will automatically reconnect on to the WiFi it had previously been set up with.