Getting Started

Cammy allows you to share your cameras with friends, family or other house members. Once a camera is shared, the shared user will be able to view the motion events from that camera, along with the camera's Live View feed (keep in mind, only one person can Live View at anytime).

  1. Ask the person you wish to share the cameras with to download the Cammy app on their phone and ask them to create an account using their personal email address
  2. Open the Cammy app on your phone
  3. Tap Settings underneath the camera you wish to share, click "Share Camera" and enter the email address that your friend used to create their Cammy account
  4. The shared user should now see the cameras automatically appear in their Cammy app

Please note: The shared user will not be added to your Alarm – if you wish to add someone to your Alarm, click here.