Using Cammy

Adding alarms to your cameras allows you to get notifications and/or an email when your cameras detect a person between certain times eg. when you're not home. Your camera alarm can be scheduled for set times or can automatically arm when you leave home and disarm when you return.

Automatically arming your alarm works by using a geofence to determine when you are home or not. The geofence will be set up around the area where the cameras are located, and the alarm will automatically be armed/disarmed when you leave or enter the geofence area. This means, when you return home the alarm will atomatically disarm, then when you leave, the alarm will automatically arm itself again.

The requirements for Auto Arm/Disarm feature are:

  • Active GPS on your mobile device
  • Permission for Cammy app to use GPS
  • Reliable internet on your mobile device (4G/LTE)

To set up an alarm:

  1. Open the Cammy app and tap the 'Alarms' icon Alarm icon at the botttom of the screen
  2. Tap 'Add an Alarm'
  3. Enter a name for your alarm and tap 'Continue setup'
  4. You can now select all the cameras you want to associate with this alarm. Once done, tap 'Continue setup'
  5. Select the location for this alarm if you want your alarm to auto arm itself when you're outside the perimeter. If you prefer to schedule set times for your alarms click here.

    Cammy detects your location based on the location of your phone, but we recommend that you type in your address in the area provided. The pink circle which appears around your home on the map is the geofence area. The alarm will be armed/disarmed as you enter or leave that zone.

  6. Tap 'Finish Setup'

When you create an alarm this alarm is set to 'Auto Armed', and it is ‘Auto Disarmed’ if you are detected to be on premises. Once you leave the geofence area that will change to ‘Auto Armed’ (after 5 minutes).

*Tip for iPhone users: To ensure the Auto Arm/Disarm feature works correctly, leave the app running in the background and do not force close the Cammy app (this is done by double tapping on the home button and swiping up). This will ensure that Cammy can always access your GPS to have the alarm arm/disarm more accurately. Please note, doing this would NOT affect your battery life or data usage.