Using Cammy

If you have a regular schedule for leaving and returning home, you can setup your Cammy alarm so that it arms and disarms according to a preset schedule. This is helpful if other house members don't have the Cammy app on their mobile phones, or if your internet reception is not reliable.

Scheduling an alarm overides the auto arm/disarm feature which is based on your location, so if you schedule your alarm to be on between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, you will receive alerts during that time if your camera(s) detect someone, no matter who is home (even you).

Cammy's scheduling option is very flexible. For example if you know a cleaner visits your home every Tuesday at 11am, you can schedule your alarm to disarm from 11am-12pm every Tuesday.

During any period of time which is not covered by a schedule, the alarm will revert to auto arm/disarm mode based on your location. If you don't want auto arm/disarm for any day or time you will need to set an alarm schedule for every hour and day of the week.

If you wish to create a schedule for your home alarm, you first need to add an alarm if you haven't done so already and then customise the alarm with your desired schedule by following the below steps:

  1. Open the Cammy app on your phone
  2. Tap on the 'Alarms' tab
  3. Tap on the red bar below your alarm. This shows you how the alarm will act during each period (armed, disarmed or auto)
  4. Tap on a day
  5. Select the times you want to arm or disarm your alarm and save

If you need to edit your schedule in future, simply follow the above steps. Note: only the main account owner can create and edit alarm scheduling.